4 Benefits of Walking Your Doggo

Jan 31, 2023Dog Articles

Regular exercise is essential not only for us who have two legs but also for our four-legged floof babies. When you walk your dog, they get so much more from the daily walks than just exercise and “potty breaks” — it is essential for you and your dog’s overall well-being. Do keep in mind that letting your pup just run around in your yard can bore them out since dogs do not self-entertain. You need to go beyond your house and do more activities like fetch so it is more fun!

Want to know the best part of this activity? Here at Maxime, our team of experts have compiled a list of the top reasons why you should walk your doggo.


It’s a good physical and mental exercise for both of you

Walking your pup every day offers psychological and physical stimulation. If your dog is always inside the house for too long, it can get bored and can exhibit behavior problems like digging, barking, and other destructive habits. Remember that your dog is dependent on you. When dogs are active and you let them discover new things, it will make them happy and avoid potential health problems like obesity. Remember that a tired dog is a happy dog! 


Walks let you bond with your floof

Participating while walking your dog equates to an opportunity for bonding and connecting with one another. It helps build their trust and confidence as they grow up. During your walks, keep your focus on your activities and let go of distractions. Take time to accompany and breathe fresh air with your four-legged fur baby! 


It helps them (and you!) practice socialization

While you’re on a stroll in your neighborhood, you and your pup will most likely meet different people and other dogs. This is a new opportunity for your dog to sniff around, explore new surroundings, and socialize. Socialization is crucial to your dog’s well-being as this experience will help them instill friendliness rather than fearfulness when they are challenged with new things. After all, socializing with others is the key to having a well-behaved pooch. 


It’s a perfect opportunity to train them

While out walking, consider this as an opportunity to train your dog on some new commands. Your dog can learn directions and understand what is acceptable behavior when you are outside while following the other end of the leash. On these walks, it will be easier for your dog to grasp commands that can be later used off-leash. 


Important note: Exercise according to your dog’s needs

Same with humans, your dog’s exercise needs will vary depending on its age and breed. That’s why it’s important to tailor your floof’s exercise according to their stage of life. One rule of thumb is to spend at least 30 minutes every day with your dog outside. Breeds with shorter legs don’t need to walk as long as a larger dog would. Younger ones, hounds, herding, and sporting dogs may need much more. If you want to make sure the exercise needs of your dog, you can ask a vet to know more. 

After your walk, don’t forget to replenish your doggo’s bowl with their favorite meal: Maxime Dog food! Maxime Dog Food is formulated with complete nutrients to help your dog enjoy a nutritionally-balanced meal so you can #LiveTheBestLifeTogether with your floof baby! 


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