Nutritious Dry Cat Food

Maxime Elite Premium Cat Food

For a healthier, fuller life

Maxime Elite - Premium Cat Food<br />
For Kitten & Mother Cat - Flavored with Milk
Maxime Elite Premium Cat Food
For Kitten & Mother Cat
Flavored with Milk
Maxime Elite Dry Cat Food Adult Indoor Cat

Maxime Elite Premium Cat Food
For Indoor Cat

Maxime Cat

Make meals times enjoyable and unleash the fun together with our standard range

Maxime Cat Food - Kitten & Adult - Salmon Flavor

Maxime Dry Cat Food – Salmon Flavor

Maxime Cat Food - Kitten & Adult - Tuna Flavor

Maxime Dry Cat Food – Tuna Flavor

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Why Choose Maxime Cat Food

Cats can indulge in nutritionally balanced and easily digestible kibbles designed to promote their overall well-being. Maxime Cat offers a selection of two flavors, tuna and salmon, enriched with taurine to support vision health. Maxime Elite Cat provides Milk for Kittens and Mother Cats, as well as Fish for Adult Cats, ensuring a vibrant and fulfilled life.

Maxime is crafted using ingredients and kibbles suitable for all feline breeds and sizes. These kibbles are infused with vital nutrients, keeping your cherished companion agile, intelligent, and in good health.

Benefits of Dry Cat Food

Give your beloved cattos the gift of health and fulfillment!

Maxime Elite Cat is packed with crucial nutrients and minerals that promote healthy digestion, and robust bones, teeth, and muscles for your kittens and mother cats. It also offers urinary care and immunity support, allowing you to foster stronger bonds with your furry friends.

Maxime Elite Cat for indoor adult cats is specially formulated to address their needs, providing benefits such as hairball control, weight management, odor reduction, and urinary care. Ensure your treasured home companions receive the optimal nutrition they deserve.

How to Transition to Maxime Cat Food

Ensure a smooth transition for your furry feline friend! Changing your cat’s food cannot be rushed, but we are here to support you throughout the process. To prevent vomiting and diarrhea, it is crucial to gradually condition your cat and follow a 7-day transition plan. Begin by mixing the new food with the old one. On the first day of the transition, carefully observe for any signs of stomach upset. It is also important to monitor your cat’s stool for noticeable changes. If any abnormal reactions occur, consider slowing down the transition to allow your cat more time to adjust.

Embarking on a fulfilling journey with your pets starts with providing them with the appropriate nourishment. At Maxime, we offer complete and balanced nutrition that not only delights your cat’s taste buds but also promotes healthy skin and coat with every meal.