Nutritious Dry Dog Food

Maxime Elite

Maxime Elite Dry Dog Food

Feed him the way you love him and nurture
those heartwarming moments with our premium range

Maxime Elite Dog Food Puppy – Beef, Lamb, Chicken Liver & Milk Flavor

Maxime Elite | Dry Dog Food
Beef, Lamb, Chicken Liver & Milk Flavor

Maxime Elite Premium Dog Food - Adult - Lamb Flavor

Maxime Elite | Dry Dog Food
Lamb Flavor | Adult


Maxime Dry Dog Food

Make meals times enjoyable and unleash
the fun together with our standard range

Maxime Dog Food - Puppy - Beef, Chicken Live & Milk Flavor

Maxime | Dry Dog Food
Beef, Chicken Liver & Milk Flavor

Maxime Dog Food - Adult - Beef Flavor

Maxime | Dry Dog Food
Beef Flavor | Adult

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Why Choose Maxime Dog Food

“The best way we can show our love to our doggos is to provide them with the best nutrition possible. Maxime Dog Food, your partner in pethood, gives you a worry-free transition for your fussy doggos as it is carefully formulated by a team of experts who are equally passionate about dogs. Maxime provides optimum nourishment for your doggo to keep them at their best health from puppy to adult.

Maxime is made with ingredients and kibbles suitable for all breeds and sizes. These kibbles are packed with essential nutrients to keep your best friend active, smart, and healthy.”

Benefits of Dry Dog Food

Unleash the fun together! Maxime is enriched with essential nutrients and minerals, such as antioxidants and prebiotics for a stronger immune system and sharper mind, omega 3 & 6 for better nutrient absorption, and for a shinier fur and coat.

How to Transition to Maxime Dog Food

“Have a worry-free transition for your fussy best friend! Changing your doggo’s food is not something you can expect to happen overnight, but we’re here to help. To prevent vomiting and diarrhea, condition them first and do 7 days of transition. You can start by mixing up their new food with the old one. On the first day of gradually transitioning to new dog food, make sure you look for signs of an upset stomach. It’s also important to keep an eye on your doggo’s stool and see if there are noticeable changes. When checking these, be on the lookout for abnormal reactions, and slow down the process — if needed — to give the dogs more time to adjust.

Living the best life together with your pets starts when they receive the right amount of nourishment from their food. Maxime offers complete and balanced nutrition that’s delightful for your dog’s palate while giving them healthy skin and coat in every bowl.”