5 Ways to Spoil Your Dogs

Apr 8, 2024Dog Articles

5 Ways to Spoil Your Dogs

Apr 8, 2024 | Dog Articles

As paw-rents, we can’t help but give in to the whims of our doggos. With their cute puppy eyes, adorable head tilts, and tippy-tapping paws—who can say no to such cute creatures? We’re sure you can relate when we say all dog paw-rents want to give the whole world to their floof babies!

We’ve listed down five easy ways to pamper your doggo and give him some extra love & care.

1. Treat your dogs to a home spaw day

We know that bringing your doggo to a professional grooming service will give them good pedicures and beautiful hairdos. But nothing says love quite like taking matters into your own hands and holding the dog brush and dog clippers yourself!

Brushing your dog’s hair helps remove dead hair, clean debris, and lets you strengthen your bond with your doggo. It reduces shedding and helps your doggo maintain a healthy & shiny coat overall. After brushing, give your dog a bath, and don’t forget to give your floof baby a massage! At the end, wrap your doggo in a fluffy towel and give it a good cuddle.

2. Buy your dog new toys and play with them

Whenever you play with your doggo, you reinforce your connection with them. Playtime is essential for your floof baby because it allows them to have fun, it also stimulates their brain and helps them get more exercise! Plus, did you know that playing with your pets can help reduce your stress and anxiety too?

Playtime sessions don’t need to be long! You can allot at least 10-15 minutes of your day for playtime. The best dog toys include squeaky toys, chewy toys, and rope toys. It’s also important to note that you should buy toys suitable for your dog’s size to avoid dogs from accidentally choking or swallowing small toys.

3. Bake your dog some treats

Every dog loves treats! When you give your doggo treats, it gives them the impression that they’ve done something positive at the moment. And what better way to make it more special than by making your own homemade treats!

By making your own dog treats, you can customize the ingredients to make it more tailor-fit according to your dog’s diet and preferences. The internet is full of easy recipes you can make at home that typically involve only 2-5 ingredients!

4. Take your dog for a swim

Many dogs, especially large breeds, love playing in water. For your doggos, a fun day could equate to taking a dip in a pool! You can also bring your dog to the beach if you like, but make sure that you don’t let him swim too far or let him stay away from strong currents. 

If your dog is not interested in swimming, you can set up a sprinkler in your front yard and chase your dog around it or let them play with the water on their own!

5. Feed them a complete and nutritionally-balanced meal with Maxime

Good health starts with good nutrition, that’s why we highly recommend for you to feed your doggos a complete and nutritionally-balanced meal with Maxime. Each Maxime bag is formulated with prebiotics, antioxidants, and animal proteins to let your dog get the best nourishment possible, no matter their breed and age.

As the saying goes, our dogs are only with us for a small part of our lives, but for them—we tend to be their whole world. So paw-rent, don’t hesitate to spoil your dogs whenever you can and help them #LiveTheBestLifeTogether with you! 


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