Happy and Healthy Indoors: Enriching Your Feline Friend’s Life Safely

Sep 4, 2023Cat Articles

Happy and Healthy Indoors: Enriching Your Feline Friend’s Life Safely

Sep 4, 2023 | Cat Articles

Cats, being natural-born hunters, often lead people to believe that they need to roam outside for a fulfilling life. However, the great outdoors can present more problems than benefits for your feline companions. Studies reveal that outdoor cats have a shorter lifespan, averaging 2-5 years compared to indoor cats, who live around 10-15 years.

While outdoor exploration can provide enrichment, it also exposes cats to various risks, such as vehicle accidents, flea and tick infestations, contagious diseases, and potential animal cruelty. Thus, it is generally recommended to keep cats indoors for their safety and well-being. But don’t worry, we have some tips to ensure your indoor cat remains happy and healthy.

  1. Engage your cat with toys to expend their energy.

    Cats often indulge in “zoomies,” bursts of activity resulting from pent-up energy after a long nap. To keep them entertained and stimulated, provide feather wands, fuzzy mice, rolling balls, and laser pointers for safe indoor play.

  2. Set up bird-watching stations.

    Cats have a natural fascination with birds, an instinct from their ancestors. Create perches or hanging shelves near windows so they can enjoy observing birds and other small animals.

  3. Cater to their climbing instincts.

    Cats love high places to survey their surroundings and stretch their claws. A cat tree is an excellent solution to allow them to climb, hide, and rest. Alternatively, consider installing climbing perches, hanging shelves, or wall-mounted hammocks for multi-cat households.

  4. Consider adopting two cats.

    Despite their independent reputation, cats can get bored and lonely when left alone for extended periods. Having two feline companions can mentally stimulate and entertain each other, contributing to their overall well-being.

Besides providing a stimulating environment, ensure your cats receive proper nourishment. Treat them to Maxime Cat Food, a delicious and mineral-balanced meal enriched with taurine and easily digestible ingredients to support a healthy life together with your feline babies. #LiveTheBestLifeTogether.

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