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Our fur friends only deserve the best!

Our doggos have been dubbed man’s best friend for the longest time and with good reason. They are our companions in our highs and lows, milestones, and their loyalty is unmatched. We aim to nurture our doggos so they can live their best life together with their paw’rents. All pets deserve the best nurturing and care out there, so why not extend the same care to each doggo? Spread the word and join our Maxime Reseller Partner Program!

Why invest in Pet Food

With the pandemic still an imminent threat to public health and livelihoods, e-commerce has gone through tremendous growth and demand based on buying behaviors of our consumers. As we navigate through this change, research from Kantar says there are still about 65% of dog and 83% of cat owners who are feeding their pets food from their table. This data proves that there are more opportunities for conversion, as such Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corporation recognizes this opportunity area, hence expanding our distribution network through this Maxime Reseller Partner Program.

What is Maxime Reseller Partner Program

Maxime’s Reseller Paw’tner Program is a business opportunity offered by Pilmico Animal Nutrition Corporation where you can officially distribute our dog and cat food products. Share the best nurture and care for your pets today! Download Maxime Reseller Program Guide | FAQs | Terms

As a paw’tner, you will be entitled to receive the following:

What you get

  • Raining Discounts – Get as much as 12% in discounts when you purchase our dog and cat food products.
  • Purr-fect Promotions – Exclusive promotions just for you to boost your conversion rate.
  • Tips and Tricks – Free learning modules so you can refresh, expand, and improve ways on how to professionalize your online / ecommerce business.
  • Picture Paw’fect – You will be provided a repository of product shots & standard descriptions, including banners and poster materials you can use online.

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