8 Paw-fect Gifts for Your Adorable Cattos this Christmas

Jan 11, 2023Cat Articles

8 Paw-fect Gifts for Your Adorable Cattos this Christmas

Jan 11, 2023 | Cat Articles

There’s no need to hide what we, as cat paw-rents, want for Christmas—to shower our feline babies with lots of gifts—and it can get a bit overwhelming! As dedicated paw-rents of these furry babies, we always want what’s best and enjoyable for them.

You might have some items added to your cart by this time, so Maxime is here to help narrow your choices down to 7 paw-some gifts you can give your cattos this Christmas!

1. Cardboard Scratcher

We all know that our cattos are very particular in maintaining their nails, thus the need to scratch them all the time. Giving them a cardboard scratcher will not only make your cats happy, but also give your other furniture a break from those scratchies!

2. Cat Tree 

If your space allows it, you may want to surprise your kitties with cat trees where they can freely jump and play in. This will not only give your cats endless scratch, play, lounge opportunities, but also keep them from climbing your fridge and other tall furniture and appliances 

3. Cat Hammock

There are more hot days in the Philippines, than cooler ones. Because of this, it will surely be a smart move for you to buy your catto a cat hammock, which you can hang on window or terrace grills. This will give your cat a breezy space where they can hang out while you do your thing. 

4. Interactive Toy Mouse

Keep them busy while you’re busy! Check out a battery-operated or rechargeable interactive toy mouse for them to play with for hours. This will help your cats practice their hunting skills!

5. Self-Cleaning Pet Brush 

This is more of a gift to you than to your cats, but hey, once used on them, it will also give them the comfort of rubbing their coat against brushes! These types of brushes also help in removing small matts that regular brushes can’t, which leaves your cat purring with soft and shiny fur. 

6. Teaser Wands

For sure, your cats enjoy playing with you and you can do so with a teaser wand! As cats have natural predatory instincts, they enjoy toys that encourage them to chase and pounce, which teasers and wands can help bring out. Pro Tip: You can also stuff it with catnip to really get your cats pouncing and moving during this cold season. 

7. Automatic Cat Food & Water Dispensers

These dispensers are both gifts for you and your feline friends as these will always make sure that your cattos are well hydrated and fed, even without your supervision! There will also be little to no disappointed looks because of a forgotten empty bowl from your cats!

8. Maxime Cat Food 

Don’t forget to include Maxime Cat Food on your gift list this Christmas! Since every bowl contains a complete and balanced diet, Maxime Cat Food will surely provide your cats with the energy they need to be able to enjoy all your Christmas gifts!

Live the best life together with your feline babies and enjoy the holidays with Maxime Cat Food! 

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